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I sell copies on two types of tape. E180 (6hrs LP) and E240 (8hrs LP)

No. of Tapes Cost E180* Cost E240*
1 5 6
2 10 12
3 15 18
4 20 24
5 25 30

TV Programmes: If you want to purchase TV shows, follow the price scheme below.

No. Eps No. of Tapes E180 Cost E180* No. of Tapes E240 Cost E240*
1 Whole Season (approx. 22 eps) 3 15 2 12
Half a season (approx. 11 eps) 2 10 1/2 (if more than 11 eps) 10-18
Up to 8 eps 1 5 n/a n/a
Up to 16 eps 2 10 2 12

* prices include P+P

Films: A typical film is 2hrs long, therefore up to 3 can be fitted onto one E180 tape (8). Due to length variations, e-mail me 'here', for exact prices. Use the table above to roughly determine how many tapes would be needed.

Ordering: E-mail me 'here', with your specific order information, and I will e-mail you back asap with a confirmed price, in pounds sterling.

How do I pay?: I accept personal cheques, cash in notes not exceeding 20, or Postal Orders/Money Orders in sterling. In special circumstances, I am willing to accept foreign currency in note form, however, an extra charge will be incurred as a result. All this will be explained fully once your order has been processed.