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1) Is this legal? - Not in the true sense of the word, but it's not entirely illegal. I make no profit from this venture.

2) Where are the shows/films taken from? - SKY1, E4, C4, SKY Premiere + Moviemax.

3) Can these tapes be played on NTSC (US) players? - Not unless your player plays PAL (european) format tapes.

4) Can Nic play NTSC tapes? - Yes, I can!

5) Are the copies LP or SP? - I record in Long Play, although I can do Short Play on request.

6) Is postage included in the price? - Yes if you live in the UK, but if you're outside the UK postage is extra.

7) Do the tapes include commercials? - No. They are cut out completely.

8) What's the quality like? - The majority of the shows/movies, being taped off cable, are of almost perfect quality, unless otherwise stated. Latest seasons have been digital.

9) Which currencies do you accept? - Only pounds sterling.

10) How does trading work? - If you have something I need, (see trading section) and you see something on here you want you can e-mail me with the details and we can sort something out through e-mails.

11) Are prices negotiable? - If you are buying in bulk, I am more than happy to negotiate prices.

12) Can episodes from various shows, or episodes and films be mixed on the same tapes? - Yes. I can do whatever you need as long as you specify clearly when you e-mail in your order.

13) Can I link to your site from my site? - Please do! Just use these buttons below. Choose one, save it to your site and link to  


14) How long will it take for me to receive my tapes once you have received payment? - This will mainly depend upon what you have asked for, and where you are from. If you have asked for a film or two then it should take no more than 5 days, including time for postage if you live in the UK. However, if you live abroad, then it will obviously take longer, depending on where you live. I will do my best to get tapes out to you asap, and if u need them for some reason, please do say so and i will try my best to get them out to you. However, if i get a lot of orders, and you want a complete mix and match tape it could take up to 2 weeks before you get your tapes. I will probably be able to let you know an estimated time when you email me with specifics.